domingo, 7 de septiembre de 2008

Descarga del mes - Septiembre 2008

Looking Back To Yesterday
(Formato de audio .mp3)

  1. When I Come Of Age
  2. Teenage Symphony
  3. I Hear A Symphony
  4. Give Me Half A Chance (con los J5)
  5. Love's Gone Bad (con los J5)
  6. Lonely Teardrops
  7. You're Good For Me (con los J5)
  8. That's What Love Is Made Of
  9. I Like You The Whay You Are
    [don't change your love on me]
    (con los J5)
  10. Who's Looking For A Lover
  11. I Was Made To Love Her (con los J5)
  12. If'n I Was Good

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